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Building EQASHRAE HQ and Building EQ
ASHRAE Headquarters Receives Highest LEED™ Certification
Building EQASHRAE has earned prestigious ENERGY STAR®,

The Living Lab

ASHRAE Members and visitors can now access total building energy data on the ASHRAE headquarters building as part of Phase 1 of the "Living Lab" roll-out.  Additional data on building subsystems, such as the PV array, and new data analysis features will be made available in follow-on phases of the roll-out.

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How to access ASHRAE Living Laboratory Trend Data

Use of the data may not state nor imply that ASHRAE has endorsed, recommended, or certified any equipment or service used at ASHRAE International Headquarters.

To receive the login information and permission necessary to use the data, please print out, sign and return to Mike Vaughn by fax 678-539-2211 or email

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The initial electrical end use data is being provided for members use in understanding the energy performance of the headquarters’ building. Data is provided on the three main mechanical systems including the Dedicated Outside Air Supply (DOAS) system serving the entire building, the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system serving the second floor and the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system serving the first floor. To fully evaluate the performance of these systems, additional data will be required to account for the difference in loads on the various systems. The areas served by each system as well as the envelope, occupant and ventilation loads differ. Additional data to support the characterization of these loads will be made available by ASHRAE in the near future.


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A look at ASHRAE's newly renovated Headquarters in Atlanta is provided in the fall issue of High Performing Buildings.

Project Information

Complete project information, including design documents, design team members and a history of the ASHRAE Headquarters, can be found here.

ASHRAE Partners with Industry Leaders in Building Sustainable Headquarters