ASHRAE Headquarters: The Living Lab

Sustainable buildings ultimately mean preserving resources for future generations. The design of energy-efficient buildings with sustainable materials now lets us reap ben ASHRAE Members and visitors can now access total building energy data on the ASHRAE headquarters building as part of Phase 1 of the “Living Lab” roll-out using the link below.  Additional data on building subsystems, such as the PV array, and new data analysis features will be made available in follow-on phases of the roll-out, usually just prior to Society meetings.

The fairly intuitive site offers the following initial tools and resources for viewing the data:

  • "Energy Expert Tool" - Allows data to be viewed graphically and in report form through a variety of tabs.
  • "Monitor Tool" - Allows data to be exported to MS-Excel (specified number of samples or data range).
  • "Online Training Resource" - Provides additional trainging and explanation on the two tools above.

Username: ashraeguest
Password: welcome

The savings noted in these graphs are based on a building model and interval data that was collected the year prior to the start of the building renovation and are low because they do not reflect the 13% square footage increase to the size of the current facility.