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Date: July 29, 2013


RE: Donate Now to Help Young Women With Their Education


Dear ASHRAE Member:


In the late 1990's I was enrolled in a five year Architectural Engineering program at Kansas State University. I worked and had independent scholarships to put myself through the first four years of school. As my fifth year approached, I didn't see how I could make the finances work to finish my degree without taking time off from school. Fortunately, I was awarded an ASHRAE scholarship and was able to get my Bachelor of Science in the expected five years and enter into a career in the building design industry. I've since gone on to get my Masters and PhD as well.


My ASHRAE membership began as a student member and I have remained active since, recently being appointed to the ASHRAE Board of Director, as a Director at Large. Without my ASHRAE undergraduate scholarship, statistically it's unlikely that I would have completed my degree and in turn achieved success in the HVAC&R profession. In addition to being a practicing engineer, I am also a college professor and witness first-hand the financial need experienced by many students that can prevent them from completing their degree.

Because I am the recipient of an ASHRAE scholarship, I am particularly honored to ask you to support the Lynn G. Bellenger "Women in Engineering Technology" Scholarship that will train the next generation of women in the HVAC&R profession. Once fully funded, the Bellenger Scholarship fund will provide two $5,000 annual scholarships for women studying engineering and engineering technology at the undergraduate level.


ASHRAE Foundation Board Chair Mike Hart, along with Ginger Scoggins ASHRAE Director and Region IV Chair, have generously agreed to match a portion of every gift to the Bellenger Scholarship made by women ASHRAE members before September 30. Specifically, the two of them together will contribute an additional one-half of each scholarship gift of $50 or less and an additional $25 for each gift of more than $50. This means your $30 gift becomes $45, your $50 gift becomes $75, and your $100 gift becomes $125.


Several women in ASHRAE leadership roles want to encourage your support.


"Lynn Bellenger was an inspiration to me because of her passion for ASHRAE and her extensive volunteer efforts. She worked diligently thru many years to give back to the industry in which she worked, and is an example to all engineers, regardless of gender, of the heights that they can achieve with hard work and perseverance. I knew Lynn personally thru my work on the ASHRAE Energy Modeling conference, and she approached all of our efforts on that conference with encouragement and positive involvement. Her attitude with all of the volunteers and staff was always supportive, while also allowing capable persons to follow their own vision. She will be missed greatly as a leader to all of us attempting to follow in her footsteps."


Ginger Scoggins PE, CEM, CxA, LEED® AP, Principal
Engineered Designs, Inc.

"While I appreciate all the opportunities given to me by ASHRAE and my male mentors in the field of engineering, women engineers still face challenges. One of my greatest joys is helping other women and seeing them flourish. I encourage you to contribute to the Lynn Bellenger fund as one way that we can continue to help other women."


Martha G. VanGeem, PE, LEED AP BD+C, FACI
Principal Engineer


As a female member of ASHRAE, you should give $50 or more to help other women join our profession in the future. We are trying to complete our endowment goal of $200,000 by September 30, we only need $25,000 more. You may visit the Foundation's online giving page at or mail a check to the ASHRAE Foundation at the address below. If you have questions about the Bellenger Scholarship or other giving opportunities at the ASHRAE Foundation, contact Margaret Smith at 678-539-1201 or






Julia Keen, P.E., Ph.D., HBDP
Associate Professor, Kansas State University

Owner, Keen Designs, PA







Please make check payable to ASHRAE Foundation.
ATTN: Margaret Smith 1791 Tullie Circle NE, Atlanta GA, 30329


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