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December 2012
Vol. 3 Issue 12

Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, our minds turn gratefully to those of you who have helped to make our progress possible. Those of us at ASHRAE Foundation hope you will accept our most sincere wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season for you and your family.


Support ASHRAE while saving on your taxes…

As you consider your charitable giving options for the remainder of 2012, remember that gifts made now can generate income tax deductions that could help reduce your tax bill for this year! Delaying or reducing gifts this year may result in more taxes being due next April 15th! The amount of your savings depends on tax rates and the portion of your gifts you are allowed to deduct. Also, if you are subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT), you may be surprised to learn that charitable deductions help reduce the amount of both the regular income tax and the AMT.


Potential Tax Law Changes?

You have certainly heard about negotiations in Washington to deal with the impending fiscal cliff. Proposals are being considered that could limit the deductibility of income tax charitable deductions for high income earners. The President has committed to leaving the charitable deduction alone. However, it is not clear how this issue will be resolved. Some donors have been accelerating gifts they might have been considering in future years to be sure to take advantage of the current income tax charitable deduction. Consult your tax advisor to see if this might be a good time to make a tax-deductible gift to ASHRAE.

How Do I Beat the Clock?

It's natural to procrastinate, but don't get stopped short at the end of the year. Gifts of cash made by check are considered complete on the date they are mailed and are deductible in the year of the mailing. Electronic gifts of securities are generally complete when they are deposited to ASHRAE Foundation's account, not when you request that your broker initiate the transfer.

Thank You for Your Support!

When you support ASHRAE Foundation, you are supporting professional development and research programs and providing scholarship assistance to deserving engineering students and providing ongoing support to advance ASHRAE's vital work.


Remember that only gifts made by December 31 can help reduce the amount of taxes you owe next April. We will be pleased to provide more information to you and/or your advisors as you act to complete your plans.

If you have questions about how to support ASHRAE Foundation, please don't hesitate to contact Margaret Smith, at 678-539-1201 or




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