With nearly 500,000 copies in circulation, ASHRAE's Advanced Energy Design Guide series is influencing building energy efficiency around the globe.

A total of ten Advanced Energy Design Guides have been published, as well as two existing buildings guides. Building markets addressed in the Guides include healthcare, education, retail, office, warehouse and lodging. Project teams can use the AEDGs in their entirety for deep building energy savings, or partially for smaller project, retrofit, or renovation savings. Since the guides are co-sponsored by AIA, IES, ASHRAE, and USGBC, information can be shared with clients to highlight firm practices that align with AEDG recommendations.

Do you have yours?

  • Free download—To promote building energy efficiency, ASHRAE and its partners, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, make the complete set available for free download (PDF). The PDFs are ideal for personal reference.
  • Purchase—Print editions of each Guide are available for purchase in the ASHRAE Bookstore. Print Guides are ideal for client presentations.


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